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Whether you are looking for a program to kickstart your fitness journey with 1 on 1 personal training, get access to a trainer within a budget with monthly coaching via the app or sport specific programming like powerlifting or bodybuilding, we have the tools and experience to get you to your goals.  





Everyone gets a program. Free goal planning session with a trainer for all new members. If you chose to not use a trainer, we can still load a free program to your phone with App and follow up in a few months. Most members start with a trainer and eventually go off on their own. Personal trainers are available for 1 on 1 or shared sessions (1-5 clients share a time to lower cost per client). 


Similar to PT, our certified Personal Trainers and coaches offer personal training for couples, partners and groups up to 5, all the same features as 1-on-1 personal training at a reduced rate per participant. 

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Kids Powerlifting clases

Our certified coaches and instructors offer a variety of group fitness programs tailored for all ages. The programs fill up quickly and are on a first come, first serve basis. We run these programs as they fill. Powerlifting camps for kids 10-15 resume Sept 8th and will fill fast, register your kids today!

Group fitness


We are the Manitoba Directors for the WNBF Canada and as such we offer both in-person and virtual posing classes. In-person group classes and solo posing sessions available. 

Or join the One Family Barbell club and compete with some of the best in Canada and the World. 



One Family Barbell Club

One Family Barbell Club

What is the barbell club?

Compete with the team at MPA and independent events. Wear OFFC or OFBC apparel and rep the team you train with. Points earned go towards best Club award. 


What does it cost?

$100 per calendar year Jan to Dec 31, email payments to In addition to being a OFFC member. 


What do I get?

OFBC competition T-shirt limited to OFBC members only. 

A handler/coach and support at your events and a team to cheer you on. 


What are the expectations of members?

Members should have an MPA membership in good standing. 

Members must volunteer at each "The One PL Classic" in the year they are a member or an MPA event if they join after our event. If competing in our event, can set up or tear down or work in opposite sessions.  

Members must be coached by a OFFC or OFBC coach in order to represent our team per the MPA bylaws above.

Members must act like proper role models and ambassadors of the sport and our community. 

No refunds on fees paid.  


  • 9.1  The club must be registered with the MPA. 

a) Registration is on an annual basis as per the MPA By-Laws. A list of eligible Clubs will be maintained 

on the MPA website 

  • 9.2  In order to represent a club, the lifter must train with that club on a regular basis (at least once a week) 

  • 9.3  If for any reason the lifter wishes to change clubs, or he/she is unable to follow the above recommendations, he/she must send a written explanation to his/her provincial registration chairman. 

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