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  • I'm new, how do i get my keycard?"
    Our facility is locked 24-7 to non-members. A keycard is required to gain entry and must be scanned for every visit. We contact new members immediately via email for keycard pickup if you signed up online. If you do not receive an email and want to visit please call 204-818-2425 or email to schedule the pickup Access will not be permitted without a keycard.
  • Hold old do you need to be to attend, sign up, attend alone.
    You need to be 18 to sign up for a membership. Adults may enrol their dependents. Children 8-12 must be accompanied by an adult at all time Children 12-15 may attend with a trainer or parent present at all times Children 16-18 may attend alone with parental consent. All children under 8 can stay in our kids waiting room. This room has a TV, couch, playpen for toddlers, and a few toys as well as wifi. There are rules for this room and a maximum of 4 children at one time. Kids who can't stay calm and quiet will be asked to leave within reason. As parents we understand the challenges involved in getting into the gym with young kids so bring you kids in carrier, snuggly or basinet as long as they don't disturb the rest of the members.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership you must request the cancellation waiver via email Your cancellation will be processed the date we receive the form via email, you will continue to pay your bi weekly dues until you last day, 30 days from receipt of the waiver. Do not attempt to backdate your waiver, cancellation period starts date the waiver is received. Memberships cancelled before the 90 day anniversary of signup are subject to a 50+gst processing fee. FOB/keycard must be returned before last date of access, a recovery fee of 20+gst per keycard will be charged for any keycards not returned Full terms and conditions available here
  • How much does it cost to sign up?
    We offer various membership options, please click "Join Now" to view current pricing and promotions. Paid memberships include access to our 24-7 facility and a free Goal Planning Session. There are "NO ENROLMENT FEES EVER" We charge a one time $20 card activation fee All memberships have a $50 dollar cancellation fee if cancelled within the first 3 months.
  • Can I Freeze my membership?
    With our 30 day cancellation policy, there is no reason to freeze, if you know you need time away, submit your 30 day cancellation waiver and you can re sign up once its time to return via login on our website, no need to create a new account.
  • Are classes/personal training included in membership price?
    Membership pricing is for facility access, classes and training are additonal costs. Contact us today for information on personal training or classes, seminars, clinics or day camps. All new members receive a Free Goal Planning Session with one of our coaches/trainers.
  • Gift Certificates and refunds
    Absolutely no refunds on paid membership or personal training dues. Gift certificates do not expire however they are subject to a 50% per year levy after the 1 year anniversary. No refunds on gift certificates. Coupons, discounts and promotional membership options have no cash value are non-transferrable and are for new members only.
  • What are the business hours of the facility?
    Member keycard access is 24-7-365, including all holidays* Staffed hours vary frequently, it's always best to call ahead if unsure. Business hours for visits, deliveries and signups vary and are posted on our website and on an electric display on the north window. *Some areas of the facility may be unavailable due to maintenance, upgrades, group classes or special events. Adequate notice will be posted on site.
  • What are your security features?
    As we are 24-7 keycard access, we have 24-7 video monitoring and alarm system. Staff may or may not be present anytime within the 24 hours.
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