Frequently asked questions

Are you open during COVID-19?

As of Feb 12 2021 12:01am our faciilty is open, sign-up online to become a member today by clicking, "Join Now" Once Registered login and book your first workout, email to pick up your access card. Click " Covid19 Safety" to see what we are doing to keep you safe! Review the rest of the FAQ below

How much does it cost to sign up?

We offer various membership options, please click "Join Now" to view current pricing and promotions. Paid memberships include access to our 24-7 facility and our online app.

Are classes/personal training included in membership price?

Membership pricing is for facility access, classes and trainin are additonal costs. Contact us today for information on personal training or classes

What type of memberships do you offer?

Our memberships dues are paid bi-weekly and are "no commitment" they require 30 days notice to cancel via cancellation form. We sometimes offer prepaid membership sales and options, please check out " Join now" for current membership options

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you may request the cancellation waiver via email Your cancellation will be processed the date we receive the form via email, you will continue to pay your bi weekly dues until you last day, 30 days from receipt of the waiver. Memberships cancelled before the 90 day anniversary of signup are subject to a 50+gst processing fee. FOB/keycard must be returned before last date of access to ensure membership is terminated, a recovery fee of 20+gst per keycard will be charged for any keycards not returned

Do I need to book a time to workout?

To book your workout visit Click "Book workout" on the main screen of our website. Use your email and password you created when you registered or click "forgot password" Login Choose the desired times, up to 2 hours You may book up to 7 days in advance You may book up to 1 hour before desired times If it wont let you book please use the chat function on our website, or text me via number provided in error message. Do not just show up, you may not be guaranteed entry Due to health recommendations from the province, members must book a time (up to 2hours) during peak hours, 6am to 10pm This information may be used for contact tracing as well as to keep our occupancy under the maximum of 20 people at one time.

What do I do if i feel sick?

If you have any cold, flu, COVID symptoms please stay out tof the facility until the symptoms have been gone for at least 24 hours. Seek testing if necessary Always use the self screening system available here before entering the facility.

Are masks required in One Family Fitness Centre

Masks are required to enter the facility and in all common areas Please wear your mask into the facility, DO NOT remove it at the entrance Wear your mask into change areas, then wash hands Masks are now required during at all times during your visit at One Family Fitness Centre When it's time to leave, return to changing area, and wash hands Please wear mask as you exit the facility These Policies and Procedures will remain in effect until further notice Thanks for your cooporation

Gift Certificates and refunds

Gift certificates are good for the time they are purcahsed for and non-transferrable No refunds on any gift certificates purchased Example: a 3 month gift certificate purchased at Christmas for jan/feb/march activates automatically and expires at the end of the 3 month period Members may not use gift certifcates they purchase themselves

Can I Freeze my membership?

We don't have freeze options and heres why; Other companies freeze your membership because you are stuck in a contract. They make you pay a small fee to defer your membership the length of your freeze. We do not have freeze options due to our 30 day cancellation policy. If you need to take a break for a few months, just set your cancellation date for 30 days before your break! We'd love to see you back again soon! In the unlikely event the facility is closed due to a state of emergency all membership payments are cancelled unless we are given permission to keep them active in writing via email.

Im new, how do i get my keycard?

Our facility is locked 24-7 to non-members. A keycard is required to gain entry and must be scanned for every visit. New members who need theri keycard will email to schedule the pickup of their keycard. Access will not be permitted without a keycard.