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In the heart of River Park South, in South St. Vital, Winnipeg. One Family Fitness Centre is the leader in community-based fitness. 24-7-365 fob access, close to home! Membership includes access to our 24-7 facility as well as our iOS/android app!


Your Coaches


Dino Camire

Owner, Head Trainer

16+ years of personal training, Dino has a passion for coaching the general population realistic and sustainable fitness habits.


Shawna Schimnoski

Personal Trainer 

Shawna knows what it takes to stay fit all the while being a business owner(Organic Tan) and a mother. Let her change your life today!


Antoine Grenier-Togneri

Personal Trainer

Tony is accepting clients from all backgrounds. Start today and begin your journey towards a stronger, healthier you!


Mercedes Wyenberg

CSCS - Strength Coach

Bachelors of Kinesiology and  2+ years as a trainer. My step by step approach leads to long term success.


Jennifer Oleson

Bootcamp Instructor/ Coach 

8+ years of personal training and bootcamps, sweat with me and achieve your goals today!


Kelly Whelan-Enns

Personal Trainer/Martial Arts Expert 

Expert in various traditional martial arts. Kelly is also accepting personal training clients and teaching small kids martial arts classes.

Group Fitness


Unfortunately due to current public health orders. Group classes and group training not available. 

Traditional Chinese Kung fu(Coming back soon)

Introduction to Kung Fu Family Class

Based on the Chinese martial art of Xinyi Liu He Quan (pronounced ShingEE Lew Hey Kwan) participants will receive instruction in physical conditioning, applications, and use of efficient whole-body power through proper structural movement. Xingyi loosely translates to Mind Intention Six Harmonies Boxing and uses  animal shapes, their variations, and is very effective martial art, known for its ease of learning while being a challenge to master. 


This class covers the basic blocks and strikes of Kung Fu as foundational exercises. Perfect for the novice as well as the adept of martial arts. Famous in China for its use on the battlefield and for its health and longevity benefits. Get fit and healthy as a family! Ages 7 and up. Children ages 7-12 must be accompanied by a parent participating in the class. 

Intermediate and Advanced Kung Fu

Dive deeper into body mechanics, structural alignment, fascia and tendon conditioning, and develop whole body power techniques with the Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) 42 Fajin and Jiang Baguazhang (Bah Gwa Jong).  These arts are based on  Chinese Imperial Bodyguard training, and are designed to teach throws, locks, and methods for dealing with multiple attackers at once while being a profound conditioning tool for longevity of the joints, tendons, and the elasticity of the fascia. 

Learn the meditative method of circle walking and develop short range power with these two unique arts. Become a whole new healthier, stronger you with a lifelong toolbox that will strengthen you in mind, body, and spirit!


Sweat with Jen!
(Coming back soon!)

Join Jen for a fun and energizing bootcamp. No matter your fitness level Jen will tailor the the workout to make sure you maximize your time and get the most bang for your workout buck! Weekly bootcamps are a great way to get more activity in, in a fun and positive environment! Get fit with the support of your peers and have fun doing it! Sweat with Jen is a great compliment to your weight training regimen.



Clean, Quiet , Community 

Join our private facility today for as little as $32.50 bi-weekly for single members, $55 bi-weekly for families of up to 4* Many other options available. 



Getting Here:

Right next to Lick's Ice Cream on South St. Mary's Rd.

Our Address:


2 Britannica Rd. Winnipeg, MB R2N 1J4


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