2019 Bodies by Science Incorporated


Hello fellow members,


It is with solemn hearts we announce we must temporarily close for the next 30 days, perhaps longer, we won’t know until this pandemic starts to play its course. We are confident we will survive these hard times because we acknowledge that what we have built is not just brick and mortar but a family of like-minded and driven individuals who support one another with the universal goal of better health. We have been able to stay open up until this point, long after large corporate facilities because we put our members first, our small exclusive client base fell within the maximum allowed occupants and we already practiced healthy sanitary practices. As a members’ only facility we can keep your health as a priority. We will reopen with our group classes in full swing, our new equipment set up, fresh layout and much more so stay tuned. We take this obstacle not as a barrier but as a challenge, one we can overcome together.


I have been getting lots of questions about memberships, personal training, etc. and I will address our options below. I am overwhelmed by the support so far even though this has just been announced. We have been asked about crowd funding, we will not be doing this for the time being, instead we will provide options for you to gain future value from our service, facility and community.  Our amazing coaches and trainers are offering both free and paid content. Please, please remember they are all self-employed contractors, they won’t make money until we reopen without your support. I will be updating the website by the time you receive this email to reflect some of the proposed options below. If you have any question or concerns please contact myself directly via any social media message or by email dino@onefamilyfitness.com.



I will be freezing all memberships effective today. Your membership will resume at the same rate when we reopen. If you would like to continue to support us by leaving your membership active you must reach out to me directly before Monday. I am again overwhelmed by the number of messages from members who want to keep their subscriptions going. Thank you. We will need to continue to pay rent, utilities, taxes, insurance, etc. for the time being so every bit helps. If you prepaid for a membership, we will credit more time at the end, unless you want to leave as is. If I don’t hear from you by Monday March 23rd I will freeze your membership.



There is a difference between a freeze and a cancellation, please consider the difference, no memberships will be cancelled until the facility reopens and cancellation can be processed in accordance to your membership agreement. We will not cancel your membership via email, phone, message or text. You will visit in person when the facility reopens and submit your 30-day cancellation form as per your signed contract. 



If you keep your membership active during this ordeal you will receive a rate freeze. Please acknowledge that all commodities and services will receive very large price increases once the pandemic ends. You may see increases in prices of several hundred percent to recoup lost costs. Maintaining your membership is a way to ensure your rates don’t increase. Freezing your membership may result in an increase in membership rates at our discretion. 



There will be a “1-year prepaid” membership option added to the website at a significant price reduction, for all new and existing members. This membership will come into effect once the facility reopens. This is our way of acquiring capital to survive the lack of operation. We have received some donations already but would prefer to offer value. Existing members can upgrade to the 1 year to take advantage of the savings and support us. Please visit www.onefamilyfitness.com for more information. 


Members only cap;

One thing we have learned through this ordeal is that exclusivity and a small tight knit community matters, in an effort to continue to provide this environment we will from now on be capping our membership. This means that there will be a limit to the number of members we have and not everyone will be able to register. We expect to exceed this limit before we reopen. This is to keep traffic down in the facility and provide the same atmosphere we’ve been able to do for the past 3 years. Once all the spaces are filled, we will only take new members if current members leave. 



What can you do to support us over the next few weeks/months? Post on social media! Share your stories, share your wins, why do you love it here? Go give us a google review, a Facebook recommendation or even…gulp... a Yelp review. Whenever you’re doing a home workout, share it! Tag us, and make sure to check in on Facebook. Share our posts, follow each other, comment and encourage each other. Share the coaches and trainers’ posts. Ask questions, most of all, don’t tackle this month on your own, ask for help, reach out. We thank everyone for the support so far, but staying relevant, continuing to rank in the searches, will boil down to your interactions with anything “One Family” online. If you would like to purchase a membership for someone else, you can do that on the website. If you’d like to purchase gift certificates also reach out to me directly. 


This has been the one of the hardest times of my life and I have experienced more ups and downs than most people. My biggest fear was letting down you, my members, my second biggest fear is taking advantage of you. I do not expect anything from you, but I do hope that what we have built matters enough for you to do your small part to make sure we are still here when this is all over. Be safe out there, you should be staying home as much as possible, this doesn’t mean sitting on the couch, go for a walk, clean the yard, enjoy life. A lot of us will realize what things in life we sacrifice in order to be at work 8-12 hours a day, this month will give us an opportunity to decide what really matters and to pursue that. I thank you again for your support, your love and your acceptance and I hope that we are all healthy and ready to hit the gym together soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I will be available as much as I can be, until next time, see you guys in the gym!


Dino and Team One Family