COVID19 - Our Commitment

UPDATED May 1 2022

As of March 15th 2022 public health measures have ended in Manitoba. It remains the provinces recommendation that Manitobans get immunized if not yet immunized and those at risk seek booster shots. In consultation with our current membership base we continue to scan QR codes for new members to ensure members are immunized. These measures are in place to protect our members health and wellbeing. Masking is still recommended when in close prolonged contact with others(personal training, group training and peak hours) but not required. These requirements may change often and are reviewed frequently to provide the best experience possible for our members. If you are sick or experiencing any symptoms please rest until you feel well enough to return to exercise. 


As of March 1 many public health measures are ending in Manitoba. Here at One Family Fitness we pride ourselves in our commitment to public health and working with the health care system for a safe and healthy Manitoba for everyone. Proof of immunization for Covid-19 is still required to enter the facility or sign up for membership, this will remain for the foreseeable future. We have consulted our members and experts in the study of COVID-19 and feel it's to early to abandon all proactive measures. Saying that masks continue to be required to enter and move about the facility, however may be removed during exercise. It's strongly recommended you keep your max on at all times. Starting March 15th 2022 masks will be optional at all times and we will leave it up to the members comfort level. Take note of peak hours if you are uncomfortable with too many patrons.  

Occupancy restrictions have been removed and you may see higher than normal traffic during peak times.

Physical distancing of 2m is still recommended whenever possible.



Masks continue to be required to enter and move about the facility, however may be removed during exercise. It's strongly recommended you keep your max on at all times. 

Proof of immunization for Covid-19 is still required to enter the facility or sign up for membership.

Occupancy restrictions remain at 50% of total capacity. 20 patrons plus staff.

Physical distancing of 2m is still required whenever possible.


Masks continue to be required to enter and move about the facility, however may be removed during exercise. 

Proof of vaccination is still required to enter the facility or sign up for membership.

Occupancy restrictions remain at 50% of total capacity. 20 patrons plus staff.

Physical distancing of 2m is still required whenever possible. 


UPDATED AUG 27th 2021



In the interest of keeping our staff and customers protected from Covid-19; Effective 12:01am August 27th 2021, masks will remain mandatory within our facility at all times. We will remain at 50% occupancy but no longer require appointment booking for visits. Members will still be required to maintain 2m distance between whenever possible and self-exclude if you have any symptoms on the Manitoba covid 19 screening tool. Proof of immunization will be required on or before Sept 2nd in order to maintain your facility access. New members must present their QR code and valid ID in order to register for a membership and get a keycard. 


We have consulted experts in the fields of medicine, virology, epidemiology, mathematics and statistics as well as surveyed available literature and current events globally to make an evidence-based decision, that we are confident, puts the health and wellbeing of our community first while still allowing our business to grow and recover from the burden of Covid-19 restrictions and closures. These changes will allow us to reintroduce group programming, small group training and bootcamps for fall. 


At One Family Fitness Centre we strive to be a contributing member of Manitoba’s health care system. We realise members have been wearing masks in our facility for over a year and thank them for their ability to adapt to any obstacle Covid-19 put in their way. We implemented mandatory mask use before it became mandatory in Manitoba in Summer 2020. To be seen as leaders in health care, it is necessary to align with the overwhelming evidence that supports continued mask use in indoor settings where patrons may remain together in a “prolonged contact” situation. 


We thank all our members who have sought out vaccination at their earliest convenience and continue to do so. We acknowledge most of our members are fully vaccinated. And the proportion of vaccinated members exceeds the current numbers of 71% of those aged 12 and up. All our staff are fully vaccinated and will continue to wear masks while working with our members. We will continue to not only monitor Manitoba data, but the broader national and global statistics with respect to Covid-19 and revisit these measures as the situation changes.


Rest assured we strive to be the industry leaders in protecting the health and wellbeing of our members. We have installed Merv-13 filtration and increased fresh air intake through the HVAC system. Air circulation remains constant with 24-7 operation of the HVAC fan system. The entrance will remain key card access and non-members will continue to be screened before entry.  These measures are temporary and will remain in effect until we can determine the trajectory of the delta variant and whether a return to school will result in a wave like last fall. We want to avoid another closure. These measures are safe and effective and will dramatically reduce the likelihood of any closures due to Covid-19 exposures.


Additional Info:

Mandatory Physical Distancing in Place; patrons and staff must remain 2m(6ft) apart at all times.


OFFC is required to limit occupancy to 50 per cent of normal business levels; current occupancy at 20 for the facility including staff.

Our Group lessons will restart, classes will be run during non-peak hours to avoid conflicts and be limited to 6 participants.

The following guidelines should be followed by patrons, volunteers and staff: 

• Patrons at higher risk of serious illness must consider waiting to return to these facilities.  

• Guidelines for facility entry include: 

o managing entry points to maintain physical distancing via controlled access.  

Discourage congregation within the facility; 

o using a booking system to reserve a block of time in advance during peak hours 6am to 9pm. Workout times can be booked at, you may book up to 2 hours per visit up to 1 hour before desired time. Please call in for assistance.

o Non-member site visitors must wear a mask and remain outdoors until  directed to enter. 

o members are encouraged to wear masks while accessing high traffic public areas like the entrance and common areas, they are not recommended while exercising at this time.

o screening all patrons for symptoms and exposures using the screening posters 

or the online screening tool. 

• Guidelines for exercise spaces and equipment include: 

o ensuring signage is posted for physical distancing and instructions on cleaning equipment; 

o members must wash hands with soap and water before commencing their workouts; 

o masks will be worn by all staff and trainers while on the floor; 

o cleaning equipment before and after using it. 

o increased space between machines (or block off every other machine) to stay at minimum two metres apart. 

• Guidelines for locker room/washroom facilities include: 

o encouraging individuals to shower at home and limit use of locker area; 

o removing any common use items from locker rooms; 

o if locker rooms are used, consider modifying their use in order to maintain physical distancing. 

o making a disinfectant spray or wipes available for participants to disinfect locker contact surfaces before and after use; and 

o ensuring enhanced and frequent cleaning and disinfection of locker rooms, 

as this will be required. 

• Guidelines for group classes include: 

o continuing to offer virtual classes or training where possible; 

o allowing group exercise classes if physical distancing of one participant 

per 10 square metres is maintained throughout the class; limit 6 members and 1 instructor in studio

o allowing adequate time to disinfect equipment and surfaces before each class; and 

o not using shared equipment unless able to disinfect between users. Equipment that 

is difficult to clean, such as foam rollers and yoga blocks, should not be used. We will not be providing shareable accessories like bands, foam rollers, etc. We will source these items to sell to members so they have their own.

• Food service should follow restaurant guidelines. 

• Close customer self-serve drink stations, water dispensers and water fountains, unless able to disinfect between use. Ensure other options available for water for patrons. Staff can fill drink orders but must not refill a used cup. Encourage patrons to bring their own bottled water. Water fountain is out of service until further notice.

Masks are required AT ALL TIMES during your visit to One Family Fitness Centre, these policies and procedures will remain in effect until there is no Covid19 community transmission

Please be assured we take your safety concerns seriously. Just know we are the leading industry in safety and cleanliness. All our staff wear masks while with clients and no industry has the same cleaning standards. Here is a blog I wrote that gained quite a lot of traction about fitness centres roll in a Covid 19 society


I’m on the Fitness Industry Council of Canada and we are working with the various levels of government to be able to continue to provide fitness to the public, the value of exercise far outweighs any risk when safety measures are adhered to, we are also working with Health Canada to ensure we exceed the required standards. Just keep in mind our health officials have stated we will be living with this virus for years to come, 1-2 years minimum so we need to keep people exercising in a safe environment despite fluctuations in daily cases. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my many appearances on CTV to discuss this matter but here is my latest interview.